A regional approach to address the bushmeat problem in Eastern Africa

About us

At BEAN, we envision a future marked by partnerships that enable diverse, sustainable wildlife populations, viable protein and income alternatives, freedom from wildlife diseases and conflict, and supporting Eastern Africa's cultural, economic and ecological heritage for generations to come.
BEAN was established to be an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional network consisting of wildlife professionals, human development experts, government representatives, and academic experts, with the goal of incorporating private industry personnel, local community leaders and citizens, engaged in implementing grassroots solutions that directly address bushmeat exploitation in and around protected areas in Eastern Africa. We work to raise awareness and focus attention on the issue; share information; analyze, evaluate and report on trends; and leverage resources to build local partnerships.


A bushmeat-free Eastern Africa through increased protection, awareness, promoting legal protein choices for consumers, and sustainable utilization of wild fauna to conserve the region’s rich biodiversity for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our Goal

To reduce bushmeat hunting and consumption in and around key protected areas in Eastern Africa by working collaboratively to mobilize resources, share information, set priorities and apply solutions.


The Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network (BEAN) is an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional network of stakeholders who work collaboratively to raise awareness, share information, and leverage resources to build local partnerships to implement grassroots solutions that directly address bushmeat exploitation problems affecting protected and surrounding areas in Eastern Africa. (We define the bushmeat trade as the illegal, over-hunting of wildlife for meat and income.) BEAN emerged from the USFWS MENTOR Fellowship Program, a funded cooperative agreement from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service  through Wildlife Without Borders- Africa program to the College of African Wildlife Management - Mweka, Tanzania and the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group , a coalition of U.S.-based conservation NGOs with field programs in Africa including African Wildlife Foundation, Conservation International, the Jane Goodall Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society, World Resources Institute and World Wildlife Fund.The USFWS MENTOR Fellowship Program, was implemented through partnerships and received additional support from the Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support (BATS) program for U.S. Agency for International Development/Africa Bureau. USFWS assistance provided a strong foundation for the establishment of BEAN, and for critical bushmeat solutions projects led by BEAN Affiliates in Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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Founding Members

The Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network is currently supported by a core team of wildlife professionals in government, education, and non-profit sectors who are committed to addressing challenges in their own countries and across the region. The organizations they work for support their efforts through donating time, contributing to conservation efforts on bushmeat, and facilitating projects and programs that receive support from the USFWS and/or BEAN.

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