A regional approach to address the bushmeat problem in Eastern Africa


If you are part of an organization that would like to support our core activities, or an individual who would like to help make a difference, please contact us here.

Donations to BEAN will contribute to the following activities:


Having a wildlife professional who can allocate dedicated time, whether full- or part-time is essential to being able to keep up network activities. Members of the network already work full-time for their own organizations and our network has learned from experience that having someone who can focus on the network’s core activities to coordinate, fund-raise, and provide support to network members is key to moving forward with our objectives.


One of the most important functions of the network is to facilitate knowledge transfer and development between conservation and development professionals and institutions. Funds will support website initiatives and symposium development.


BEAN will be working closely with educational institutions in East Africa to develop curriculum and support education of budding conservationists and current members of the development community. In order to support research and capacity building, BEAN envisions internships at the colleges and universities that can lead to research and data collation of research done by partners in the network. Funds set aside for students will support these efforts.

Sponosor a Project

If you wish to work with members of the network on particular projects, such as law enforcement equipment, alternative protein and livelihood projects, or the development and publications of educational materials, please contact us and we can help to discuss current needs and levels of support appropriate for activities.

Thank you for your interest!